Nihon Goshin Aikido

Kids are able to learn defenses plus escapes from chokes, bear hugs, and head locks. The kids program is based on belt stripe ranking. With a game at the end of class.

Topics include:

  • Avoiding Potential Danger

  • Awareness of Surroundings

  • Using Voice as a Weapon
  • Breaking Free of Grips
  • How and Where to strike

The adult program consists of 50 classical techniques plus multiple gun, knife and stick defense.



Available for private lessons on request. Also, available for on site Seminars, Self Defense Demonstrations, Striking Class (Kickboxing), and/or ongoing Martial Arts Curriculum in Aikido or Jiujitsu.



Self Defense Striking (Kickboxing) Class

This class is for weight loss, toning, and practicing to be a stronger striker. No sparring. We provide gloves or you can bring your own. New Striking (Kickboxing) students receive gloves after signing up. Current students able to attend any classes offered. 

$75 month unlimited classes
















Kickboxing background is in Muay Thai training which was mainly in Thailand, Western Boxing, and Korean Karate. In Thailand  training was in Bangkok Mauy Thai gym and also outside the city at Muay Thai Fight Camp. Skills aquired over 5 years are specific to striking. Fitness and nutrition has been my background for over 20 years.

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Venum Striking motivation


This program allows for modifications to techniques to fit the capabilities of the student. This is an ongoing program that begins each class with light exercise, stretching and moves on to self-defense techniques from the seated and/or standing positions.

BJJ Open Mat or Private Class

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